The meaning of beasting it

We like to beast it. We even named this website after it.

What exactly does beasting it mean in our family culture?

Beasting something is to attack something with full force. No filler, no randomness. Just pure focus and obsession over the details of the thing you are doing.

Here is a list of examples of Claudets beasting:

  1. Drawing a sprite for 8 hours straight with no food break.

  2. Playing through the whole of Mass Effect in a weekend.

  3. Making Pokemon comics non-stop throughout the whole of half-term.

  4. Creating a music video from one day's filming.

  5. Making a 2 minute stop motion video with plasticine of your favorite video game throughout your entire summer holiday.

  6. Staying up until 3am making a Charlie and Lola card for your little sister's 4th birthday to send in the post to CBeebies.

This is only a sample of the countless times we beasted it. We will be keeping track of all this as our posts continue.