Tools of the trade

These are the tools that we are currently using on our quest to create games:

Lua + LOVE2D

We have decided to program our first few games using Lua and the LOVE2D framework. This enables us to prototype games very quickly. Lua's syntax is fairly easy which is good as we are fairly new to the game making scenes.

Here are a few tutorials that we've gone through that have helped us on the journey so far:

We have also found the library STI (Simple Tiled Implementation) very useful because we also use...


We are using Tiled to create our 2D overworld. It's a brilliant open source program that enables you to import tilesets as pngs and then draw your maps with them.


Github + Slack

For keeping the team aware of what's going on, we are using a combination of Github and Slack. We are using Github to keep track of our code. It's great to get good at version control and to post our own personal projects as well. You can check out our repo here.

Slack has been our program of choice for keeping in touch regarding projects. I have been using it at work and seems to be becoming industry standard... so why not? We are using the free version of course.

We intend to extend our toolset frequently and will update if we decide to make something new with a different platform. Unity seems to be the next logical step, but we'll see.