We're attending the Nordic Game Jam

This coming weekend 3 of us are going to the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen, Denmark. It goes from Friday 21 April till Sunday 23 April 2017 - just under 48 hours. It's the world's biggest jam and has 700 attendees. It will be the first Game Jam that Catherine, Christopher and I will enter together as a team.

It's a very special moment for us. After years of playing games and drawing things together, we will spend a weekend abroad to try and make something ourselves!

I feel that in many ways all the game gams and events Catherine and I have been attending in meantime have been leading up as prep for this one. It will be Christopher's first jam - but we're confident he'll be fine.

Things I'm taking (so I don't forget)
  • 15" Macbook Pro and charger
  • Latest Unity installed
  • Photoshop installed
  • Affinity Design installed
  • Apple Mouse
  • Mouse Mat
  • Ipad Pro
  • Wacom Tablet
  • PS4 Controller

We're set on doing something 2D, as we're more experienced there. My hunch is that it will be easier to do something more gameplay focused than heavy on narration as that is easier to prototype. But let's see! I'm really looking forward to seeing what we come up with.

We'll post again about the game after the jam!