One of the best things about Berlin is the active gaming community, and more specifically, the game dev community. It's been a little over a month and I've attended more game dev related events than I can count. But so far the events that really shine are the jams - the Berlin mini game jam in particular. It's a 7 hour monthly jam in which game creators get together and make games together!

Yesterday I attended the March mini game jam and with my team of 3 (Me, Emily Claudet and Luis Busta) we created a simple action game called Toasted. The player controls a piece of fresh bread whose dream is to become the best fresh sandwich there is... But it's in danger of being toasted by evil slices of toast which try to block its path to grabbing sandwich pieces. The game is played on a grid and the toasts spawn at random all over the grid. The goal is to grab fresh sandwich pieces - cheese, tomato, lettuce, etc... And to avoid the toasts which pop up from the toaster.

The real challenge we encountered while developing was inputting the desired animations for the toast movement. We wanted the bread pieces to flip - meaning they had to change sides whenever they moved one square. This meant the bread's four possible movements' animations were directional, i.e. the required idle state animation and four possible movements in each direction changed depending on which way the bread had moved previously. We weren't sure the best way to implement this!

Of course 7 hours isn't a lot of time to figure out things like this. When we return to the game for further development the first thing we'll do is work this out!